Perfect Prospect or Dux Soup Turbo?

What's the difference?

Perfect Prospect is designed for scability and saving time.

We've spared no expense to ensure our customers' accounts are always 100% safe. We've never had a customer get banned.

Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can maximize the results to 8X your business pronto!

Difference #1

Perfect Prospect isn't single serving

Need to run multiple campaigns, multiple clients? Dux Soup Turbo can't do that.

Want to scale your business to more than 1 client? Dux Soup Turbo can't handle that.

More is more when our target is maximum results and growing business.

Difference #2

Call the babysitter!

Are you looking to save time and scale on autopliot with 'set it and forget it' ease? Perfect Prospect runs immediately with no babysitting.

Dux Soup Turbo requires you to keep a browser open and babysit while the tool works. And you can't run multiple campaigns at once... not to mention more than one client (we're back at scability).

* Dux is cheaper but not saving you time or scaling your business fast enough.

Difference #3

Oh, you don't use Pipedrive?

Well, I guess you can't export your leads. *Dux only supports Pipedrive.

Choose either Zapier, GoogleSheet, or CSV export to get replies and new connections straight to your CRM.

Difference #4

No risky business

With our cloud-based reply detection, your own dedicated IP, personalized humanized messaging - you're in good hands. Don't risk your account with easily detectable and dangerous browser extentions (notorious for getting banned).

* Dux is not cloud-based or safe.

Difference #5

Update your client's profile without VPN/Proxy

Keep your client's account safe by using our system to quickly update profile details instead of risky VPN/Proxy logins.

* Dux Soup Turbo has no advanced features.

Difference #6

Chat support from a responsive team of experts with insider tips

Coming directly from the marketing world, we have years of experience creating converting templates and proven workflows.

We are happy to share our secrets with you to ensure you and your clients are crushing it!

* Dux doesn't have any chat support.

Charlotte's 8X Growth Experience
Using Perfect Prospect

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